What is Outdoor Wicker?

What is Outdoor Wicker?

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Wicker is loved around the world for its traditional style and timeless appeal but, what is it?

Wicker‘ refers to a type of weave produced from plants, reeds, and vines. The most popular wicker is made from the rattan plant. Natural rattan is robust, lightweight and easy to work with but not always suitable for all weather conditions. UV, rain and frost can damage organic rattan over time. Most suppliers now use synthetic rattan to solve these challenges and make wicker suitable for outdoor conditions.

Synthetic rattan is just like the real thing, only stronger. To make synthetic rattan, a resin is introduced into the manufacturing process. The resin seals the organic fibres in a weather-resistant coating. The sets retain all the beloved characteristics of authentic wicker yet, they have the added benefit of being able to withstand all types of weather.

So, are you looking for outdoor wicker garden furniture? Do you want something with a classic look? Do you want something easy to clean and something that can weather a temperamental British summer? Then come take a look at our range of outdoor wicker sets.

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