Is Garden Furniture Waterproof?

Is Garden Furniture Waterproof?

At times the UK can be a wet and windy place to live. That’s why you need outdoor furniture that’s built to handle strong winds, downpours of rain and sudden changes in the weather. Each weather condition carries its own threat to your garden furniture; Frost can cause cracking and loosen joints; UV light can bleach and discolour surfaces and rain can cause rust and mould. The best furniture is resistant to all-weather types but, strong water resistance is of particular importance. Most damage to outdoor furniture is caused by moisture penetrating the furniture’s surfaces. So, is garden furniture waterproof?

Outdoor furniture comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they aren’t always made equal. When shopping for quality garden furniture you must first consider what it is made out of. The best designs employ either hardwoods (teak, acacia or eucalyptus), rust-resistant metals (aluminium or powder-coated/marine-grade steel) or all-weather synthetic rattan. These hardy base materials have varying degrees of waterproofing naturally but, they can also be enhanced by the application of finishes, treatments and preservatives. The best way to get the most out of your products is by following the care guides and keeping them wrapped up when not in use.

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  • Pros
    · Possess natural weatherproof qualities.
    · Easy to restore and ages well if properly maintained.
    · Naturally pair well with outdoor settings.
  • Cons
    · Require maintenance and upkeep.
    · Can be more expensive.
    · Heavy.

Hardwoods are sourced from slower-growing trees. When it comes to hardwood, patience is definitely a virtue. The slow growth gives the timber a dense structure. A high density makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate the grain, reducing the likelihood of weather damage. The best hardwoods also have high oil content because oil content is important in protecting the timber against rot. The most highly regarded hardwood in the industry is Teak. Due to its especially dense structure and high oil content, Teak is ideal for outdoor use. Just like any natural product, the more you give to it, the more you’ll get back. Teak requires regular upkeep to maintain its lustre and moisture resistance. If treated well, teak can last for many years and age beautifully. When choosing teak furniture always look out for FSC certifications. FSC certification ensures the timber is harvested sustainably, only to be chopped down when full maturity is reached. So, if you’re looking for a natural look in your outdoor spaces, check out our range of hardwood sets here.


  • Pros
    · Possess weatherproof qualities.
    · Low maintenance
    · Durable
  • Cons
    · Heat conductive surfaces can become hot in summer.

In today’s modern world, a lot of customers want strong maintenance-free products with sleek designs and sophisticated quality of life features. If this sounds like you metal furniture set may be the answer. The most commonly used metals for outdoor furniture are steel and aluminium. Water does not penetrate these metals but, water can cause oxidation and rust. For this reason, most metals employ a weatherproof finish or coating to the surfaces. Steel is often powder coated in a thin yet tough layer of paint. The paint acts as a barrier to moisture and protects the metal. Powder coat finishes are particularly tough and hard to chip. When choosing a steel set be sure to check the grade of the steel. Named for its use in marine applications, 316 Marine grade steel boasts the best resistance to wet weather and salt corrosion. However, marine-grade steel can be expensive and heavy too. If you want quality metal furniture pieces at a great price and light in weight an aluminium set could be the way to go for you. Aluminium sets do not require powder coats because they naturally form a thin layer of oxidised material on their surface. The thin material acts as a protective barrier to moisture and prevents any further oxidisation and rust. Whichever metal set interests you, be sure to check out our great range of metal sets today to discover your perfect set.


  • Pros
    Low heat conductivity.
    Low maintenance.
    Timeless look.
  • Cons
    Sets can look out of place if the rattan colour doesn’t match.
    Requires cushions.

Most organic wickers are made using the natural fibers of a palm-tree-like plant, rattan. Rattan fibres are durable, lightweight and workable but, they are susceptible to moisture and harsh outdoor elements. To make the wicker suitable for outdoor living the rattan fibres are introduced to a resin during the manufacturing process. The resin coats the fibers and blocks out the moisture. Synthetic rattan is therefore highly resistant to outdoor conditions and requires little maintenance. If you are looking for a timeless rattan set, check out our amazing range today.

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